Having an online presence that can compete in online search results is not only paramount, but is the whole reason a business will spend money on a website, blog or online store. Simply put, Direct Allied Agency has the SEO tools and processes to make your phone ring with a fresh stream of new customers.

Search Ranking

You want your business showing up at the top. Most people are searching the internet on the go for a quick result and we specialize in Google and Bing processes to get client websites to compete with the big guys.

Google Maps

The money is in the map. If you've ever searched for a local business, chances are you've only noticed the top 3 businesses in Google Maps and our agency has the right online tools to get you there too.

Google Adwords

Online search ads can change a business. We have the knowledge and experience in setting up strong internet advertising campaigns to achieve high ROI and convert website visitors to actual sales.


What good is a website if nobody can find it? A well rounded online presence for a business starts with modern search engine optimization knowledge and techniques.

Professional SEO's like us take online competition very seriously and our goal is always to get a website to rank at the top of search results and in map results.

Reputation Management

Bad reviews can ruin your online reputation. We've been working with folks to clean up and bury negative reviews, blogs and comments and have the right processes to clear your name once and for all.


You don't just build a website and it goes viral. We work deep within the main search engines and apply the correct terminology to properly index your website so that it gets recognized in searches.


We want clients to see what we see. You can count on us to provide regular reporting of online SEO campaigns, advertising and analytics in order to make the right adjustments and correct applications.


Get more information about SEO that is sure to get more customers without breaking the bank.

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