Direct Allied Agency Builds Websites With SEO

Websites built with SEO is the missing piece of the puzzle

A website without SEO is like a puzzle with missing pieces.

Why SEO Is So Important Inside Of The Website

Search engine optimization is the art of analyzing a website (or company’s) competition online and tirelessly performing the correct activities to help the website outrank competitors websites. When most people think about SEO they will often think of the activities a business can do online outside of the website, while overlooking the critical items needed on the website to make everything work synergistically.

When a website is built from the ground up, there are various hacks and best practices that can, and should be done to ensure that search engines, like Google, can “crawl” the data within the website properly, thus helping the website become optimized for the real world, AKA searches.

If you’re thinking about your own website, or building a new website, it’s beyond important to understand and implement modern best practices, or seek out a professional who is a perennial student of the SEO game. No website should be produced without the correct research, page titles, meta data and all the other search engine optimization strategies needed, yet we constantly see many companies overlooking this step, or charging customers an unfair price for this basic need.

We Believe SEO Comes With A Website

It’s hard to imagine a builder who would build a house for a customer and not put up walls. If you bought or built a new home without walls, all you would have is an empty shell, and it certainly wouldn’t be livable or useful. The same goes for any website developer who does not include SEO optimization as part of the website design. In our opinion, this simply comes with the deal, and it’s really not that hard to do.

Companies like us, Direct Allied Agency, have mastered the process and current best practices for building the website AND search engine optimization at prices far below what have traditionally been charged for this basic need. If you’re not one to delve deep into YouTube to find the latest SEO tricks for building a website, it’s advisable to hire a professional who can accomplish this for you in 30 days or less.

An unfinished house relating to a website without SEO

Who Needs SEO

It would be foolish to not say that every website absolutely requires search engine optimization built in. From the local contractor, to the national eCommerce site to a personal portfolio or blog, a website exists to convert visitors into sales or new information. If users who search Google cannot see your website in relevant search results, there is no point to have a website online. We build websites because 100% of our clients want to get more attention through online marketing, so it’s important that any new website is built properly and begins to perform well immediately.

There are currently 15 different tactics that should be employed inside of the website in order to accomplish this “visibility” factor online. Businesses should no longer overpay for this requirement or be duped into thinking that SEO is some Ferrari of the online world. You wouldn’t buy a car without a steering wheel, so don’t be tricked into thinking that your website won’t operate without some expensive add-on package because this should come standard for all businesses, and that’s what we do differently at Direct Allied Agency.



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