Explore this cozy, close-knit community of Tahlequah, OK. It is a remarkable town nestled close to the Ozark mountains of Oklahoma. Located in Cherokee county,  Tahlequah is one of Oklahoma’s best-kept secrets. It boasts a rich Cherokee history and background that pays a great deal of respect to the Native American community. In 1839, the town was listed as the capital of the 19th-century Cherokee Nation, and it is home to two distinguished tribes, the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians and the modern Cherokee Nation. If you’re one of those folks who enjoys a laid-back, small-town atmosphere, then this city is ideal for you.

A bright sunset behind dark mountains in Tahlequah Oklahoma

The amazing sunsets of Tahlequah Oklahoma near Tulsa

Put behind you the noise, the crowded streets, the busy roads of the big city, and enjoy the quiet streets, friendly faces, and scenic mountains rising high above. This city is perfect for those looking for a nice place to raise their family or even for someone interested in starting a business in the area. The scenery will take you back to simpler times. Surrounded by the magnificent mountains, Tahlequah offers residents the advantages of small living with modern and innovative conveniences. The community is a wonderful place for those who are seeking a relaxed and stress-free lifestyle. And for those looking for the amenities of the city, Tulsa is only about an hour drive away.

The downtown area of Tahlequah is reminiscent of small-town America. People are friendly, helpful and always lending a helping hand to their neighbors. And those who love the beautiful scenery of mountains looming in the background will find this place an immediate attraction. Home to slightly more than 16,000 residents who welcome newcomers with open arms, the town has experienced an increase in population of almost 10 percent over the past ten years. Although many may pass right by Tahlequah on their way to some other city, the town is a hidden secret to many Oklahomans who may travel to the area to unwind and escape from the pressures of big city life.

Don’t let the small population fool you, there are a number of activities available for your outdoor entertainment. The town has a number of lakes, trees, and parks. And if you love to boat, fish, or kayak, you will absolutely love this area. Residents of Tahlequah enjoy easy access to popular restaurants, shopping, and outdoor activities such as horseback riding and mountain hiking. Some of the outdoor activities you’ll enjoy in the town include the popular Tahlequah History Trail that comes with adventurous hiking trails and parks.

Standing on a rocky island overlooking the blue lake and mountainous trees

The clear water of Lake Tenkiller from Goat Island outside of Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Arrowhead-Thunderbird Resort is a fun place for the family to canoe, fish and boat. And you don’t have to worry about gear, it can be rented on the spot. Be adventurous and take float trips at War Eagle ResortFalcon Floats, or the Riverbend Floats while enjoying spectacular views of the mountains. And if you need your golf fix for the weekend or whenever, there is also a place called Cherokee Springs Golf Course. More fun can be had at Peyton’s Place where the whole family or just the two of you will enjoy a relaxing weekend  camping, floating in the river, or hanging out in the cabins or in a rented RV.

There are two wonderful museums that provide an in-depth lesson on the Cherokee nation –  Cherokee National Prison Museum and Cherokee National Supreme Court Museum is full of history that everyone will find educational and interesting. One of the most popular places in town is the flea market called the Speckled Hen.

Here you can find everything Native American, and more at great deals. If you have a child on their way to college, Tahlequah is home to a very prestigious university called Northeastern State University. The college not only stands out as the oldest college in the state of Oklahoma, as well as one of the oldest institutions of higher learning west of the Mississippi River, it is also the most popular historic site in town. Even if you’re not planning on enrolling or know someone enrolling, it’s a great place to check out.

Quick Facts

One surprising educational fact is that almost 25 percent of the students that attend the college are American Indian. And many courses are geared to Native American, specifically, Cherokee linguistics with Cherokee being the second language studied at the university. Some courses are even taught primarily in Cherokee. In fact, many people in Tahlequah speak Cherokee, and the language is taught from pre-school to the end of middle school as the primary language.

Not many people are aware of some surprising facts about the small town of Tahlequah, it is home to some famous people. The most popular person is country singer Merle Travis. And then there’s Butch Davis, the coach for the University of North Carolina and the University of Miami, who hails from the area. One last amazing fact is that Tahlequah is known as having the first female Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, Wilma Mankiller. Also, one may not think a small town such as Tahlequah will ever get noticed by the majority, and definitely not the media or the entertainment industry.

Sunset on the lake surrounded by small mountains

The sunset on Lake Tenkiller outside of Tahlequah Oklahoma.

But who would’ve ever thought the city would have one recognition in the entertainment industry, let alone four! The city was featured in a couple of well-known books by famous authors, as well as in the movies. Check the mention of the city in the book “Where the Red Fern Grows” by Wilson Rawls and in the famous Mark Twain novel, “The American Claimant.”  Tahlequah was also listed as the official home office for David Letterman’s Top Ten lists. And lastly, the city made it’s movie debut when it was visited by one of the main characters (Matt Braun) in the movie, “Westward of the Law.”

If you’re wondering what the climate is like in Tahlequah, it’s pretty much what you will experience in the Midwest, except for large tornadoes. Because of the mountains surrounding the area, tornado damage is not very common. But if you enjoy the change of the four seasons, you’ll definitely experience it here. If you have a business or plan on starting a business in Tahlequah but you don’t have the presence you’re looking for, consider giving your business a boost with a website presence, internet marketing that includes social media, or telephone marketing.

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